Muscle Sculpting

Muscle Sculpting treatment provides the world's first non-invasive abdominal, buttock and glutes toning procedure. A single 30 minutes session can trigger 36,000 powerful muscle contractions with the latest high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. This effortless muscle training exceeded regular exercise by 300 times!

You can now experience an effortless, quicker and more efficient method to burn fat while training and sustaining abdominal muscles, buttock, and glutes areas. So sit back and relax, this is a perfect treatment for those who enjoy the benefit of a workout while lying down!

Muscle Training

Bypasses voluntary workout limitations! Muscle Sculpting’s energy can contracts the muscle fibers in the area at an intense level up to 36,000 times. As a result, clinical studies showed an average increase in muscle mass by 16%.

Fat Reduction

Supramaximal muscle contractions give the metabolism a boost, enhance fat burn. Clinical studies showed an average reduction in subcutaneous fat by 19% and reduced body measurement by 4-8cm.

Pain Relief

Muscle Sculpt offers another benefit for those who suffer from acute or chronic pain. It helps relieve muscle tension and common pain conditions of the body and joints.

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With my busy schedule, I often do not have time for a workout. This treatment suits my busy schedule! I’m able to relax after work while getting my muscles trained!

Am I suitable for this treatment?

This treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve a toned and firm-looking body. We do not recommend this treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This treatment should also be avoided before and during the menstruation period. Mental implants in treatment areas are not eligible.

Which body area can Muscle Sculpting treat?

Muscle Sculpting enhances fat burn metabolism while targeting areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and calves. In addition, body parts such as shoulders, waist, back, and calf suffering from chronic pain can also be treated.

What do I have to wear for this treatment?

Please wear comfortable clothing. You will be asked to remove all accessories, electronics, and metals during the treatment. We also provide sanitized spa robes for your convenience.

Is the treatment painful?

It is a safe and non-invasive treatment. It will feel like an intensive workout on the treated area with slight contraction at most. You will not feel any pain or heat. You can lie down and relax during the treatment.

How many treatment do I need before I see results? How long will the treatment results last?

You will feel tangible results right after the treatment. We recommend 2 sessions per week, 16 sessions to reach optimal results that will last for 6 months. Positive results are usually reported two to four weeks after the last treatment and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments. Research reported a 19% reduced-fat and 16% muscle gained. The results also vary depending on each body type. We welcome you to seek professional advice from our Skin Advisor to reach your specific goals.

If I stop having this treatment, will there be a muscle loss?

Muscle building is similar to the concept of having exercise. Muscle fibers will stay the same for weeks after stopping the treatment. However, muscle mass will be reduced as you quit having the treatment. We strongly recommend you a healthy muscle-building routine to stay toned. You are welcome to consult with our Skin Advisor for professional advice.

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