Autumn is coming soon, and all major brands will release lipsticks and glosses in different lip colours. Sometimes, when you finally find your favourite color, it may be sold out immediately. Regardless of hot pick shades this year, you can customise your own exclusive colour when you come to the OUT OF COLOURS.


Girls 100

During the process, a professional Color Specialist will help you adjust the color according to your preferences and skin tone. Bring your friends to this colour mixing lipstick experience now!


Top Beauty

Asia's first lip lab! As a lipstick lover, have you ever thought about creating a unique lipstick for yourself? Out of Colours can bring you an unforgettable DIY experience~ During the holidays, invite your besties to come and join us now!


Headline Daily

Diversified workshop choice at Mira place! Join the personalised Colour Mixing Lipstick Experience and whip up your alluring shade at OUT OF COLOURS. Let’s go and check out this IGABLE store!


Malaysia GirlStyle

Come with friends! Hong Kong's first lip lab. Customise your lipstick. Select your colour, finish and scent in 30 minutes with fun!



Still struggling of your Christmas gift? Customise your lipstick in lip lab. Select your colour, finish and scent. Don't forget to engrave your name!