Magnetism Massage

This magnetism massage combines Chinese acupuncture and Japanese magnetism technology to increase blood circulation, improve lymph circulation, muscle relief, and deep relaxation. It is also a holistic approach to maintaining good health and help the body heal itself. 


Slimming and Detox

Accelerate fat burn and reduce water retention.


Using pressure points on the body to relieve stress, combating tech neck, muscle pain and improves lymph circulation.

Improve sense of well-being

Accelerate metabolism, improve blood circulation, improves insomnia, maintaining a good immune system.

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The treatment is very comfortable and the environment is very relaxing. There is a double rooms here, you can enjoy beauty services with friends.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

The treatment is suitable for everyone, except for pregnant women. If you have any questions, please consult our Skin Advisor. 

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We will have our skin advisor contact you within 48 hours for your body concern and treatment enquiries. Please refer to the appointment time confirmation on phone.

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