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We accept WeChatPay, AliPayHK and Octopus for consumption voucher payment. Do not miss the chance to enjoy treatment with our newly launched Beauty Pass cash rebate offer and exclusive trial price!

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The IG Famous Hydrafacial

We believe in skin first, makeup second! Nothing restores your natural beauty quite like a deep cleansing facial. Why settle for a routine facial when you can have a medical-grade Hydrafacial that rejuvenate your skin’s fundamental.

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NEW! Baby Faced Pico Laser!

It utilized laser to remove dark spots and pigmentation. It also promotes the production of elastin and collagen. We aim to bring you flawless skin with no pore, discoloration, or pimple in sight.

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NEW! Matrix Collagen Plumper!

A thermal effect of 60 to 70 degrees on the dermis, promoting instant lifting and firming results on the skin! The skin is repaired and restructured when collagen is rebuilt!

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Build muscle and burn fat easily!

A new non-invasive fat reduction and deep muscle remodeling treatment in launched. HIFEM technology induces approximately 36,000 forced muscle contractions in 30 minutes which can deliver waist circumference reduction and butt-lifting effect comfortably.

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Find Happiness in Beauty

We’re your metropolitan escape in hustling, bustling Hong Kong. Skin Retreat offers facial and body indulgence in a truly serene setting.
Start your self-care ritual with us.

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Find the joy in creating your custom lipstick!

OUT OF COLOURS – Hong Kong’s first lip lab! Create your custom lipstick by selecting color, finish and scent that best celebrate your individuality.

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Facial Retreat

Skin Retreat offers a comfortable and effective non-invasive facial retreat. We listen to your skin concerns and assist you in planning your treatments that best fit your unique needs.

Body Retreat

Take time to relax, unwind and rebalance your body in a serene setting.

Lip Lab

Create your custom lipstick that best celebrate your individuality. Book your Lip Couture experience now!

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