Cedar HK

Bespoke Lipcolours: OUT OF COLOURS. Of the thousands of lip colour options out there, it’s hard to pick a match for your skin tone. But what if your next signature shade is just a few steps away?


Ritzy HK

These days it’s easier than ever to replace your classic lipstick with a safe, non-toxic lipstick that can last all day without smudging or fading. Create your very own lipstick using only the safest and most natural ingredients. Ritzy team picked a few handmade Natural Lipstick Workshop in Hong Kong that you can't miss.



【Great place for besties】Lipstick is definitely a girl's dress-up item, even if you wear a mask, you can't give it up! Have you tried the DIY exclusive lipstick experience again? Out Of Colours in Tsim Sha Tsui recently launched a high-end custom lipstick workshop, no matter the color, texture, or fragrance can be decided by yourself, and you can even engrave your name to create a unique and exclusive lipstick!


Ulifestyle HK

Diversified workshop choice at Mira place! Join the personalised Lipstick Couture Experience and whip up your alluring shade at OUT OF COLOURS. Let’s go and check out this IGABLE store!



Come with friends! Hong Kong's first lip lab. Customise your lipstick. Select your colour, finish and scent in 30 minutes with fun!


Hong Kong Commercial DailyCD Life Stories

Get ready and handmade the valentine's day gift for her! Customise your lipstick in the lip lab. Select your colour, finish and scent. Don't forget to engrave your love message on the case!