Customise your lipstick Lipstick is important! Shocked with mismatched colour! We go for a lipstick couture experience this episode. Ideal gift for friends.

Hong Kong’s first lip lab. Over hundreds of colours for selection! Customise your lipstick with safe and disinfection in lipstick couture experience with friends.

[Businesses in Epidemic City] Customised lipstick couture experience innovation by Skin Retreat Find your lipstick in lipstick couture experience. Janet Lam, founder of Skin Retreat: Brand establish is mainly because women like to dress up, and there are many alternative lipsticks in the market but some consumers are unable to find one suits them. We […]

Lipstick is a must have item in a makeup bag. Go grab a customised lipstick!

Have you ever tried to customise your lipstick? Play with fun now. Select your colour, finish and scent with your friends!

Beauty company partnered with charity organization to donate 6,000 masks in Kwun Tong for Skin Retreat will work with charity organizations to distribute 6,000 free masks to vulnerable groups (elderly, subdivided households) and frontline workers such as cleaners on February 22.

Hong Kong’s first lip lab by Skin Retreat is now in Causeway Bay with the concept of “Find Happiness in Beauty”. Hope to deliver treatment service with no stress.

Come with friends! Hong Kong’s first lip lab. Customise your lipstick. Select your colour, finish and scent in 30 minutes with fun!

Still struggling of your Christmas gift? Customise your lipstick in lip lab. Select your colour, finish and scent. Don’t forget to engrave your name!