Where to go at Christmas? Let’s go Lip Lap with friends and customise your lipstick! Your own choice at all steps and engrave your name on it. Perfect to check-in at last!

Despite not being short on choices, there are many of us that has yet to find our own signature shade that is of comfort to wear on our lips. At Lip Lab at Lip by Skin Retreat you can have fun exploring new colors and creating your own shade of lipstick.

Let’s check-in with friends! Hong Kong’s first lip lab. Come and get your customised lipstick~

Junior Anderson and Adrianna Sung Chi Ling customise lipstick with you. Shocked with mismatched colour! We go for a lipstick couture experience this episode.

Lipstick collecter has a customised lipstick? Hong Kong’s first lip lab in Causeway Bay. Let’s play there~

Define your lipstick. Editor of DELUXE go for a lipstick couture experience. Let’s share the making process.

Hong Kong’s first lip lab in Causeway Bay in Skin Retreat with the concept of “Find Happiness in Beauty”. Withdraw from the city and enjoy beauty treatments.

How to do with the skin under the mask? Facial and lipstick recommendations!

Lipstick is a must have item for a girl. Hong Kong’s first lip lab is now in Causeway Bay. Customise your lipstick in a relaxed place.

It’s beautiful here. Hong Kong’s first lip lab! Customise your lipstick and check-in now! Good for 2-3 friends together!